Told you so

I like to think I’m a woman of my word. So back in the spring, when I started hinting at my desire to DO SOMETHING new–and noted that I’d be taking a hiatus from this blog, I didn’t expect  I’d be able to sum up 2012 with plenty to report. A lot of people talk about wanting to DO SOMETHING, but don’t. Might be because the wanting part is a lot easier and a whole lot less risky than the doing part. But I get too impatient with the wanting. I have to do.

One of my favourite movie quotes is from Star Wars. It’s when Yoda tells Luke,  “Do or do not; there is no try.”

If it’s a good enough for a Jedi Knight-in-training, it’s good enough for me.

So I DID SOMETHING. Or perhaps more accurately, I am DOING SOMETHING. I have opened a creative content company (that’s a nouveau fancy name for a writing services firm) that will become a formal business entity sometime in early January. I have a company name. A brand. I have a website. I have a business card. A Facebook page, a twitter account and a brand new “corporate” blog.  I have A-list contacts. Plus I already have some committed clients and assignments to come, plus a fair number of lunch date requests from people who could have the need for my services and want to hear more about my plans.

I think a lot of my excitement about this new venture is that it feels “real.” I’m no stranger to freelancing or selling my writing services–but this is the first time I’ve positioned what I do as something more than an individual freelancer for higher. It’s a wonderful of combination of being independent while feeling a part of something–even if it’s something I’ve created by myself in what used to be my dining room. I know there’s more and bigger/better to come.

Granted too, SEED is part-time (for now anyway) and if I’m lucky, will swallow whole many of my evenings and a good chunk of my weekends. I have a job I like, but no one’s future is ever guaranteed and I’m a firm believer that the only real job security any of us have is resting between our ears. I’m cruising into the new year in a “wait and see what happens” mode. No matter what comes, I feel prepared.

Beyond a demonstration that the six months since I posted here haven’t been in vain (and an inability to miss an opportunity to show off my latest creation!), my message for the new year is about DOING. It’s fine to want and plan and wish and dream. But if there’s something you want to do, something you need to do, make 2013 the year you start to make it happen. Go and do. Making something happen feels amazing.

Happy 2013!



One Comment on “Told you so”

  1. David Elver says:

    Congratulations, Joyous – here’s to a Seed-ful New Year!

    – DE

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