Falling for autumn

I haven’t had a chance to be on Her Joyful Noise much for a while—I blame the chaos of summer, a busy job (made busier since just about everyone with kids is away on holidays) and a business that keeps growing. Truth is, there’s something about the heat of summer that makes my brain feel someone limp and unable to grasp on to much for long. I’m always relieved when that’s over.

I’ve never been a fan of summer. I dislike sweating, a situation that has in the past few years been compounded by random hot flashes. I get uncomfortable with the way life in general seems to be put on hold. I like routine. I like wearing real clothes. I like cool breezes and the Technicolor® tones of frost-set mornings and eventually, snow. I was the kid wearing the wool pleated skirt, oxford blouse and v-neck sweater day of school. I’d almost pass out from heat exhaustion on way home that first afternoon, but it was fall, damn it, and I was ready.

I think too, anyone who has experienced an extended academic life is naturally wired to view the Labor Day weekend as the beginning of something new. I’ve always been a sucker for new shoes and school bags and boxes of foolscap reinforcements. For weeks now, I’ve stalked the aisles in Wal-mart and Staples, early in the morning before the high-pressured moms arrive, reveling in school supply sales. I’ve been reminded that since I own a business, anything I need for my office is a deduction, so I don’t have to pinch every penny, but who can resist $1 packs of index cards and $3 pencil crayons and gel pens in every color of the rainbow. Not me. Since I pretty much run a communications consulting firm out of my purse, I feel I’m totally justified in stocking up. I need this stuff. And lots of it.

Besides, those savings free up cash for my “need for fall” list that includes new laptops (two of them, since my love’s desktop is now nearly an antique and her iPad can’t get flash), possibly an iPad Mini (it’s so cute and cool…urr…useful and compact) and since I’ve been a good, hard working girl all summer, a Michael Kors Hamilton tote to lug it around in. New beginnings aren’t cheap. I’m watching for Apple’s post back to school, pre-Christmas, early September new product launch sale to kick in. I figure if I had kids, I have to buy these things anyway, so I might as well enjoy.  Students of life need good tools too.

I’ve even made my reading lists. Epic Content Marketing for work, the Robicelli’s cupcake book for tastiness. Granted, they aren’t as long as they used to be, but that leaves me open for literary adventure and the pocket money of the occasional book review. This weekend I’ll also clean my closets, careful to remove any white pants or shoes and stow them away until next May. I’ve bought packs of new hangers for the cache of on-sale fall and winter mix & match clothes that just arrived from J. Jill. I’ll find a day on my calendar for a haircut. I made muffins this morning for take-away breakfasts. I’ll create lists…and lists of lists. I’m getting organized, fully prepared, because real life is back on.

That’s what appeals to me most about the coming of autumn. Life gets more ordered. There’s sense of potential, that changes are blowing in with chilly wind, that the inertness of summer has passed and it’s time a seriousness about the business of living. I like that.

And the leaves are pretty too.



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