Now I’m worried

With a few glaring and extreme exceptions (generally related to the health of those I love), I’m pretty much a take-it-as-it-comes kind of girl. I tend to get more so as I get older because I’ve realized there isn’t much I can do about the inevitable. Sometimes I’m so much so, I irritate my love, who is a planner. I prefer to take one day at a time. She says I live hour to hour. Oh well.

One of the reasons I don’t fear fate is because I’m a huge fan of contingencies. Worried about catching a cold? Take an Airborne® before bed. Worried about running out of something? Stock up ahead of time? Worried about losing your job? Spend the time and effort to get a second source of income so you aren’t dependent on someone else’s whims to live. Always have clean bedding tucked away in the closet, an extra $20 hidden in your wallet and carry an umbrella. Build a protective shield so the bad things can’t touch you. And have faith in yourself that you can handle the unforeseeable as it comes. That’s the ticket.

But lately, I can’t help worrying about something that is definitely beyond my personal control. When the world first learned of the chemical gas attacks in Syria late last month, my first desire was see Assad pay and pay dearly for such horrific cruelty. But sober second thought is just that. And I’m really worried about what’s to come.

Ok, tin foil hat time. For years, the conspiracy theorists have told us that in “the big one,” China, Iran and Russia will align in a scary trinity against the west. Check. They’ve warned that after Afghanistan and Iraq, Syria will be the next point of invasion, with Iran and the rest of the Middle East to follow. Partial check. They’ve also warned of a master plan for a New World Order, with the US not only doing some pretty fierce empire-building, but also clearing the way for a major pipeline that runs through the handful of countries that seem to be on a hit list. They’ve talked of false flags and events that make us all fearful and agreeable to invasions. They’ve said some pretty devastating things about the decisions that are made by those in power.

Maybe it’s time to stop thinking these people are lunatics—and start listening, because they seem to have a line on a future that the rest of us aren’t privy to.

Attacking Syria, no matter how “surgical,” isn’t going to bring those dead children back to life. But it is going to get a lot of others killed, including some American and coalition kids who thought they were doing the right thing when they signed up to protect their country. It’s going to put anyone who goes along with it in the crosshairs of some pretty powerful countries we probably don’t need as enemies. It’s going to make Israel a sitting duck for more attacks.

So what if you don’t care about world events. How are we going to deal with $1.70 or better for a litre of gas? And enormous increases in everything else that has to be transported.

Yes, Iraq and Afghanistan were horrible events, which limped to their inevitable conclusion, despite the current retro-strating of the military experts. What else are they going to say? Lives were lost and frankly, I think in vain, because neither place is any better for what has been a long occupation. But for most of us, it was something that happened far away and on TV and at times, became background noise.

But I have a feeling that this one would be different, despite how limited it’s described, despite how it’s sanitary it’s being sold. I think it’s a precursor to a far longer and more involved situation. The gateway  to a war. A real war. Possibly another world war. Something very few of us alive today have experienced. And let’s face it, we’re not prepared.

I don’t mean we can’t hide away a cache of canned goods and bottled water, limit our travel or keep the heat low and wear more sweaters. I mean we are not prepared to be part of something that will change our reality to that extent…or the consequences that would come after.

So I’m going to keep listening to the crazy conspiracy guys because I think that under their Chicken-Little warnings, there may be a shred of truth. Perhaps more so than what we’re being served on the nightly news. And I will continue to worry.

Because until some sense and contingency-thinking breaks out among our leaders, that’s really the only thing I can do.


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