Hungry for progress

The Amazon-Whole Foods deal is being viewed in business and tech circles as a harbinger of progress. 

But consider this. Poorer neighbourhoods are already food deserts because grocery chains can’t justify being there. Food banks are pleading for better quality donations–fresh foods, whole grains–because their clients are already bearing the health issues of bad diets and cheap processed food. 

I think it’s also safe to say that poor and lower income people don’t and won’t have the same access as middle/high earners to tech. If you can barely make rent, you don’t own an Alexa or whatever incarnations of her come next. 

So either generations grow up sickly eating out of exploitively priced convenience stores or food bank demand skyrockets–and the middle class will–because they recognize they themselves are only a few paycheques from poverty themselves–pick up the tab. 

I hardly consider myself a Luddite but we have to consider consequences. Progress doesn’t mean better for everyone. And more people having less access to a basic necessity of life isn’t progress by any standard. 


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