About Joy

I’m a (newly) married (lesbian) woman in her 50s whose mind has sufficiently cleared of the busy-work distractions of getting to middle age. I’m thinking this blog might be a step in figuring out what I really want to do when I grow up. I do two things fairly well; I write and I bake, hence the subtitle. If you want to know about my commercial work, go here. If you want to know about my editorial and literary work, go here. But if you simply want to enjoy my company, stick around.


2 Comments on “About Joy”

  1. joyparks says:

    Hi Madame Scientist,

    Thanks for subscribing. The lemon bars look great, very refreshing. And I’ve always considered sarcasm a legit form of therapy. Plus it’s entertaining!

  2. I just love your sense of humor and look forward to more unexpected gems and forays into the joys of baking! Keep them coming, and check out my experiments in baking when you have the time.

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